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高精度、高能率化に応え、時代のニーズに合った製品開発で、社会に貢献する。 代表取締役 片原 勲

Since the release of Kabuto center in 1964, our product has had patronage from a lot of users include machine tool makers, automobile makers, parts makers, farm equipment makers and office equipment makers, we have also received opinions and advice from producers and established the reliability of our product step by step.

Under the circumstances of the recent diversification of the Japanese economy and tough situation, we suppose that users are also forced to reduce both internal and external costs. In response to these requests, point replacement type rotating center makes it possible not only to reduce process cost by replacing each kind of head (center head) for process and work form, but also simplifies the process by using specialty heads, and it has received a reputation ranging from big manufacturers to individual users.

We will make an effort to respond to higher precision operation and higher efficiency on-site and develop product to completely meet the needs of the age. If you have any question about the process content after referring to our homepage, please contact us.

Thank you for being our customer.

Business and corporate history

1946, April Founded as Katahara machine factory in Shonaimachi, Toyonaka,
Osaka prefecture dealing with diesel related and car parts.
1957, January In addition to conventional production, production and sale of general grinder machines including cylindrical grinder was launched.
1960, January Company names was changed from Katahara machine factory to Nihon Seiken Industry Co., Ltd. and started the production of mandrel for precision honing.
1962, August Moved to 281, goshokakiuchi, higashitada, Kawanishi, Hyogo and built new factory. From this time, operations were restructured to open a path for long-service employees and support to be independent, and divided the company into groups with the concept of “Freedom and Cooperation”.
1963, July Supplementary tool for precision machine was mainly produced instead of machine tools, and patent for head replacement type rolling center originally developed with mandrel for honing was applied for in Japan, Germany and America, and started production and sales.
1967, September With the spread of the product, company name was changed to be easily recognized from Nihon Seiki Co., Ltd. to Kabuto. MGF. Co., Ltd. named after trademark.
1980, January With cooperation with Endo Ltd., spindle unit as “OEM” production was started.
1982, March With cooperation with Takahashi ironworks Co., Ltd., precision type L vise, precision 2D vise was started production.
1983, July Precision sign-plate started production.
1984, September Started to sell a series of precision vises, 2D vise and sign-plate.
1987, March “Waterproof, high speed rolling center” product name: fine live center was developed and stared production and sales.
1993, August Large-size automatic washing machine was introduced to improve quality.
1994, June Seal center was developed and started production and sales.
2001, July New product, several types of rolling center with support nut was developed, produced and sold.
2007, June KCW was developed.
2008, April Received a patent for KCW, and started to production and sales.
2009, December Catalog was renovated and standard machine was added at the same time.
2010, January Lathe center with specialty screw (KLN) was started to sell as standard product.
2014, June Eco-friendly large-size fully automatic washing machine was introduced to improve quality.
2015, July We got the approval of "busines innovation plan" from the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture.
2015, December We were chosen by "SME support net hyogo" as a company with high expectations of growth.
2019, September Isao Katahara was inaugurated as Chairman and Representative Director Isamu Katahara was inaugurated as President and CEO.


Tool production for precision machine <point replacement type> ・rolling center
(product name: Kabuto center)
・high speed rolling center
(product name: seal center)each type
(product name: fine live center)each type
・fixed center
(product name: Kabuto lathe center)
・grinder clipper
(product name: Kabuto clipper)
・mandrel for honing

Company overview

Company name Kabuto MFG. Co., Ltd.
Address 1-5-13, Hirano, Kawanishi, Hyogo
TEL: 072-793-2351
FAX: 072-793-2354
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Business start 1946 April
Foundation 1957 January
President Chairman Isao Katahara
President and CEO Isamu Katahara
Factory land area 4,000m2  building area 1,820m2
Bank The Sensyu Ikeda Bank, Ltd. Tada branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kawanishi branch
Main agency SHIMIZU SANGYO CO., Ltd.
Izushi, Co., Ltd.
NSK Ltd.
Toyotsu Machinery Corporation.
ATRYZ INAKEN. CO., LTD. (random order)

Access map

  • From Meishin Expressway
    Enter Hanshin Expressway Ikeda Line from Toyonaka I.C. Before the exit at Ikeda, enter turnoff for Nose, Kameoka and Kawanishik-Obana.
    After Big Harp (suspension bridge type), turn left at Kibe exit, and go straight ahead on Route 173 for Nose.
  • By train
    • From Hankyu Umeda to Takarazuka line “kawanishinoseguchi”, and take Nose railway, and get off at “Tada” station. Five minutes walk from the station.
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