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Privacy Policy

Kabuto. MFG.CO., LTD. recognizes the importance of personal information protection in the advanced communication society, and we observe the law stipulated for personal information protection and other rules and promise to protect personal information on the basis of policies as follows.

We declare that we take appropriate measure to protect personal information following the law and try not to bring disadvantage to relevant person as follows.

  • To practice “appropriate measure for personal information protection”, we stipulate “KABUTO MFG. CO., LTD. personal information rules” and we promise to protect customer’s right and profit in case to obtain, keep, use and open customer’s personal information (hereinafter, in case of use ).
  • In the case to use customer’s personal information, we inform and educate our employees about appropriate safety measures and request them to observe.
  • Similarly, we ask cooperate companies to use personal information appropriately and follow the rules.
  • We place a person who in charge of personal information, and clarify where responsibility lies.
  • We don’t give another party personal information without agreement of relevant customer beforehand. However, the following is exceptional.
    1) in case of the law stipulated
    2) in case that it is difficult to get an agreement from customer for protection of human life or comparable emergency.
  • In case that relevant customer requested to open, correct, delete and stop to use, we will sincerely correspond to it immediately.
  • We observe the law and rules about personal information protection.
  • We will make a continuous effort to review and improve the personal information protection rules.
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